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An Uncanny State of Security

By Joshua King

“They are us”.

This is a statement almost all New Zealanders have been hearing constantly since the Christchurch shooting. It has a spotlight from radio stations, TV channels, posters and events, yet also through our own mouths in and around our communities. This statement, along with what did occur on that fateful Friday is not just TV propaganda to gain more popularity. However, something that the entirety of the world is now noticing, is that New Zealand is the strongest community on Earth.

Shatter what New Zealand is as a nation.

It is immensely incredible how one man’s actions can affect an entire nation, and prick a hole in the hearts of far more around the globe. The accused’s actions have had a very sudden ripple effect on the national security of New Zealand. Reports of his actions over the past years stating how this plan has been in the making for far longer than we originally thought. Theories of which have concluded that this was to be the first of many attacks to come, to almost ‘shatter’ what New Zealand is as a nation. Aside from the mass murder that did occur, that man did not get what he wanted. Instead, the opposite occurred and not only did New Zealand become stronger, but we also proved to the world, and him, our strength, which he grossly underestimated.

Many of the Public has left flowers outside the Mosque.

There have been a few significant major events cancelled all over New Zealand as a result of the mass terror washed across New Zealand. This did not just leave many eager Polyfest dancers, Pride Festival enthusiasts and cricketers in the dark, but many children being kept inside their locked-down schools, all mosques around New Zealand closed and every Kiwi at home wondering what will happen next for New Zealand. This has also struck a deep vein in the laws of our government. Many are calling for a return of a particular sentence for the accused man, one of which has been seen as unnecessary prior to the Christchurch attack. However, now, as emotions are flying wild, New Zealand is almost running on adrenaline and feeling as powerful as ever.

We, the people, want the death penalty to return just once.

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