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Jacinda Ardern’s Tactical Baby.

By Joshua King

Is Jacinda’s new baby a tactical move or is it just a “coincidence”. Is she using the new baby as an excuse to help out Winston Peters by letting him step up as Prime Minister and to change her political standpoint as a more relatable figure to the general public? Who knows, but what she has done has changed the political battlegrounds substantially.


I don’t want to sound harsh or unforgiving to our new Prime Minister, I only want to survey her actions and see what they mean and/or why she has done them. Her new baby, given the name Neve, has stunned New Zealand, Jacinda Arden, being recently elected, suddenly had to give the role to Winston Peters. I believe this was part of her conversations with Winston, he would back Labour, and in return, he would gain a small dose of the role of prime minister.

It’s pretty obvious that he is not liking being on such a tight leash.

This could be to give him a taste and the freedom that comes with being a prime minister. Or it could be (this theory also relates to what he actually has been doing) showing the country that he is a superb leader as he wouldn’t have done any stupid things as soon as he would have been presented the role. No-one really knows what’s going through Winston’s mind, but it’s pretty obvious that he is not liking being on such a tight leash.

Image result for neve ardern
Clarke Gayford with his daughter Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford

Back on the topic of the elephant in the Beehive, the baby, Neve has put Jacinda in an incredible position. Before she was elected, the main concern of her becoming the prime minister was (apart from her age), as she is this age, she may be rather careless towards her decisions. That she wouldn’t be a careful and thoughtful as one of past great leaders, John Key, who climbed through the ranks for a long time, dealing in political finances and other jobs as such. This gave him a lot of experience and a lot of trust throughout New Zealand, as we knew, he knew, what to do.

Mothers are wise and know everything.

This new baby has just boosted her trustworthiness and public relation, as now mothers can relate to what she is going through, which will give her a bonus when she “acts strongly” on the national stage, still trying to help New Zealand. Now she is a mother, she will also gain more carefulness caring towards her decisions for New Zealand as if she was deciding something for her daughter. Another bonus, as we all know, mothers are wise and know everything so this has dropped a bombshell onto the future male candidates to come as men just can’t get that good.

What we do know, is that whatever the plans are in the Beehive, they have made future elections much more easy for Labour to win with Jacinda Ardern. I was also just asked the other day, “Will Jacinda become the next Helen Clark?” I responded with, “Yes, I believe she could”.

Photo Credit: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrell

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