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Chinese Speech Competition 2018

By Hayden Collier

On the 17th of August 2018, a group of 8 Tauranga Boys’ College students headed down to the 18th Rotorua Inter-Schools Chinese Speech Competition with Mrs Barrett, which was being held at Toi-Ohomai in Rotorua. This was Tauranga Boys’ College first appearance in the regional Chinese speech competition. There was a range of Secondary Schools competing from across the BOP and Waikato regions.


After a bit of a wait for the primary and intermediate Chinese speakers to say their speeches we were welcomed into the auditorium. Nerves were starting to sink into all of us boys. Up first was our only Year 9 speaker, Logan McDonald. Logan presented a great speech about why he likes learning Mandarin and showed the rest of us boys it wasn’t that hard. Up next were the five Year 10 boys. Ben Akers was up first and he also said a great speech about learning Mandarin.  


Blake Cooper took to the stage next and presented a great speech as well. Nerves were getting stronger for the remaining Year 10 and Year 11’s boys. Up next was me (Hayden Collier). I presented a speech about the differences between New Zealand college student’s daily routine and Chinese college student’s daily routine.

Comparing living in China to living in New Zealand.

Up next was Zach Dalton who presented a speech about his family and what he likes to do. To finish off our strong Year 10 performance was Kyle Moore who presented a speech about himself and his family.  Next up were our 2 Year 11 students. First up was Rohan Sinclair who said a great speech about himself and his family. To finish off TBC’s strong performance at this Chinese speech competition was Woolim Joo who talked about comparing living in China to living in New Zealand.  


The competition was fierce, but we knew we were in with a shot of a podium finish. The award ceremony came quickly and we were all hoping for the best. Unfortunately, Logan didn’t quite get a podium finish in the Year 9 category but he definitely was close.


They moved to call out the Year 10 place getters. They called out my name (Hayden Collier) as 3rd equal. I was shocked and happy all at the same time. Unfortunately, there were no other place getters in the Year 10 category that was from Tauranga Boys’ College but some of them must have come close.

As they were calling out the names of the placegetters for the Year 11s, Woolim Joo was called out as 3rd place. He looked very happy as he was heading down to the stage to get his trophy.

Overall it was a good day and a strong first performance from Tauranga Boys’ College. We look forward to doing it all again next year.


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